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Horses are Talking (1992)
Living a Lonely Life (1993)
The Writing on the Wall (1994)
The Art of Laughter (1995)
Waters Edge (1998)
First Takes (80-92) (1998)

It's Hard But It's Fair (1999)
Remasters vol. 1 (1999)
Remasters vol. 2 (1999)
It's All Coming Back (CD single) (1999)
Keep the Distance (2000)
Love Field (2002)

First bunch recorded on tape and midi on computer. Fostex, Cakewalk (dos/win).
Mix/Master on DAT tape. Then burned to CD.
Second bunch all recorded to computer. Cakewalk/Sonar - Propellerheads Reason also used. And other stuff as well.
Mastered on computer and burned to CD.

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